Church dedicates new technology for worship


Thanksgiving worship was especially exciting on Sunday, Nov 22, 2015 as Copper Hill Church dedicated three new advances in technology to God for use in the worship services; a video projection system, a new sound system and a new keyboard. The congregation is deeply indebted to Christian Robison who planned the system, oversaw installation for free, serves as one operator for it, and is training more operators.

The three projects began separately but dovetailed together during recent months.   Bob Stewart launched the video projection system into reality by giving the projector, the single most expensive part, in memory of his late wife, Sallie Stewart, who was a long-time member of the church.   The previous sound system had been aging and proving inadequate to handle the requirements of choir and instruments.   Bringing the new sound system in now rather than later would also allow for integration of sound and visual capabilities.   The old church organ chose this time to begin to fail as well.  With a new sound system coming, it was now possible to replace it with a modern keyboard rather than attempt an expensive repair.

Each part was presented for dedication by a key person; the projection system by Bob Stewart, the sound system by trustee chair Ron Prevost, and the keyboard by our instrumentalist and choir director, JoAnne Jones.   Pastor Kelvin Jones, Lay Leader Bob Loomis and Council Chair Judy Holcomb then led the congregation in a prayer of dedication sanctifying all three items for the service of God in our church.




Grassroots Community Prayer Service Was Exciting

Washington at Prayer
Washington at Prayer

Three area churches united together for a joint service of prayer for our nation and the needs of our churches.  The congregation also stopped for moments of prayers for the Country for France after the recent terror attacks there.   Participating pastors were Al Royal of Life Church, Peter Preiser of West Granby United Methodist Church and Kelvin Jones of Copper Hill Church which hosted the event.  A combined choir from Copper Hill UMC and Life Church sang JoAnne Jones’ arrangement “If My People” at the Grassroots Community Prayer Service.    JoAnne Jones directed the choir while Joanne Firla accompanied on the piano, with Steve on the trumpet and Domingo at percussion.   All the accompanying musicians were from Life Church.   Click below to listen to the choir anthem.

Here is the bulletin we used.   The pastors were free to interpret and expound as they felt led.   The Korean style prayer was new to some but was very well received.

Download (PDF, Unknown)



Interest Grows in Grassroots Prayer Service

With the tragic events in France of the last day, it becomes all the more evident that the service of prayer that Copper Hill UMC is hosting is very timely.   Three local pastors will be leading the Grassroots Prayer Service starting at 6 PM Sunday Nov. 15 at Copper Hill UMC.   A combined choir will present a special medley of songs  called “If My People”  arranged by J. D. Jones.   We are hoping that there will be participants from many area churches uniting together in prayer for our country and our churches during this event.   We are also praying that it will inspire other cooperative prayer events among churches.

Download (PDF, Unknown)

Our Hearts Turn to Thanksgiving

At Copper Hill UMC the Thanksgiving season has begun.  It is one of my favorite times of the year.

An Attitude of Gratitude is Healthy and Holy
An Attitude of Gratitude is Healthy and Holy

The emphasis in  mid November will be on giving thanks for our spiritual blessings as well as for our material blessings and for the riches of our family relationships, friendships and church family ties.  Special events include the Grassroots Community prayer service hosted at our church on November 15 at 6 PM  and attending the Thanksgiving service hosted by Washington Hill UMC on November 25th at 7 PM.   The following chart has the details of our Thanksgiving messages at Copper Hill.

Rejoicing in Jesus; Messages of Thanksgiving and Assurance
“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in Christ with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places.”  Ephesians 1:3 NRSV
Date Message Scripture
Nov 8 Thank God for the gift of adoption Eph. 1:1-14
John 1:6-14
Nov 15 Thank God for the gift of the Holy Spirit John 14:15-21; 15:26, 27; 16:5-15, 33
Nov 22 Give Thanks to God Psalm 100

Harvest Party 2015 was a Joy

This smile certainly deserved a prize.
This smile certainly deserved a prize.


All kinds of costumes adorned those coming to the Children’s Harvest Party this past Sunday afternoon at Copper Hill UMC.  There were bunnies, a cat, a mermaid, a witch, two mighty men at least, a chemist, a flower or two, a reindeer, and more in the costume parade.    It made for quite a job for judges Carol Griffin and Suzanne Smith to find a unique category for each one as they awarded prizes.

Then we all loaded in the wagon for the hayride, thanks to Harrison Griffin, our driver.  The weather was perfect for a short ride up to the Griffin farm and around a loop in the fields.   We made a surprise stop at a potato field where everyone got off and was invited to harvest a few potatoes by hand and take them with them.  That put a new slant on the title, Harvest Party.

Back at the church, the children sang and participated in acting out the Bible story of Joshua and the children of Israel defeating the city of Jericho.   JoAnne Jones, Children’s Moment leader on Sunday mornings, led these activities while Pastor Kelvin donned a djellaba and played the part of Joshua in the story, encouraging the children to trust in God for the challenges of life just like Joshua and the Israelites did.

Chef Judy Holcomb had coordinated just the kind of meal that kids love – mac and cheese, pig in a blanket, and some veggies too.   Then the children were sent on their way with a bag of candy.

Pot Luck Dinners are a Happy Part of Church Culture

A friend whom I have known for many years, Evelyn Bence has written a thoughtful article about an institution that we take for granted in the church, the pot luck dinner or supper.   I highly recommend her posting.

Evelyn is an accomplished author with a recent book called Room at My Table: Preparing Heart and Home for Christian Hospitality (Upper Room Books).

Some churches hold Pot luck dinners  regularly.   Others host them only occasionally. Some are more tightly organized than others.   But I my experience, they are always great times to get to know other people and celebrate the common bonds that we enjoy.


Children’s Harvest Party Features a Hayride

Everyone has fun on a hayride
Everyone has fun on a hayride






Children of the church and community are invited to Copper Hill United Methodist Church for our annual Children’s Harvest Party to be held Sunday, October 25, 3:00—5:15 PM.   Children are invited to dress in a costume (no scary costumes, please) and we will be awarding prizes for things like  “funniest, best Bible character, most original, etc.”   There will be a prize for everyone.

Another highlight will a hayride for the children and their guardians .  Thank you to Griffin family for supplying the tractor and wagon.  After everyone returns from the ride, our Sunday children’s moment leader, JoAnne Jones will lead a teaching moment.   Then the children will be served a hot child-friendly supper for free and, of course, at the very end there will be a free distribution of–what else—lots of candy!   Reservations are not needed though we would appreciate knowing if you are bringing a group.  If you have any questions please call 860-653-2891.



Display Booth at Suffield on the Green Is Fun

Volunteers judy Holcomb and JoAnne Jones in front of our booth at Suffield on the Green on Sunday
Volunteers Judy Holcomb and JoAnne Jones in front of our booth at Suffield on the Green on Sunday












Some of you stopped by and saw us at Suffield on the Green Saturday or Sunday afternoon.  It was great to meet you and chat.

This is the second year that Copper Hill Church has put together a booth in order to have a presence at Suffield on the Green.    This two-day community event had more booths than ever, according to organizer Lori Sych and it was well attended too.  In two days our volunteers gave away about 400 bookmarks and cards with our website address, service times, and other contact information.  Our volunteers also tried to greet people with a loving smile and often they stopped for warm personal conversation as well.   We offered as gifts little bracelets and/or pencils to children and teens.

It looked like we were not going to have a booth at all, since our application had been late.   But at the last minute a booth spot opened up and it was offered to us.   The spot turned out to be much better located than the one we had applied for.  We believe God provided.  Our thanks to our volunteers:  Judy Holcomb and Joanne Jones for preparing materials ahead; Judy Holcomb and Ron Prevost for setting up the booth; and  to JoAnne Jones, Judy Holcomb, Pastor Kelvin Jones, Harrison Griffin, Carol Griffin and Sarah Oliver for manning it.  Here is one picture from each day.

An informal chat by our booth on Saturday at Suffield on the Green
An informal chat by our booth on Saturday at Suffield on the Green


Fall Bible Study Series Begins

Open your Bible for the new Bible study series
Open your Bible for the new Bible study series

At Copper Hill Church, we’re kicking off September with a new Bible Study series called “Understanding God’s Work in Your Life.”   Pastor Kelvin Jones is teaching this series at two times and locations; Higley Village Clubhouse at 1:30 PM on Tuesdays and Copper Hill Church Fellowship Hall at 7PM on Wednesdays.   The focus of the study is the New Testament book of Romans.   Romans has been a very significant book in religious history having been instrumental in life-changing moments for spiritual giants Augustine, Martin Luther and John Wesley. But Romans is also surprisingly relevant to today’s world.   It is generally considered the very best of Paul’s inspiring writings as it explains our Christian faith so well.  Pastor Kelvin plans to keep the lesson schedule synchronized so that people can attend at whichever time is convenient for them that week.

Summer Send-off a lot of fun

IMG_20150823_154635649 (1024x719)

The weather was good for outside games and the children made the most of it.  Mr and Mrs. Mandirola had their hands full directing children in a range of ages through the over-sized clothes relay race and the sack race.   Some needed lots of help  and others didn’t.   Then there was a ball game.  How could there not be.

The party moved inside for songs with motions with Mrs. Jones and a fun skit about Noah.  Pastor Jones dressed up as Noah and spoke the key words of comfort, “Don’t be afraid, God cares for you.   He will take care of us!”    JoAnne Jones narrated and the children manned the boat using puppets as the animal characters.    The craft  had rainbow streamers to remind the children of the sign of the rainbow that God gave to Noah, a sign of his continuing love and care.  The attached card reminded them, “God cares about you!”   Dottie Plunske and Carol Griffin helped serve supper to the children.    Thanks to Lisa Griffin and the Jones for some pictures.