Copper Hill Church Participates in No More Malaria Campaign


Skeeter Walk Volunteers ready to go
Skeeter Walk Volunteers ready to go










On Sunday, August 17, volunteers from Copper Hill United Methodist Church spent part of the afternoon on the local rail trail walking to raise funds for the fight against malaria. The annual Skeeter Walk as it is called brought out a baker’s dozen volunteers to hike in the pleasant afternoon sunshine.   Each one had asked for sponsors to support them on their walk. All together the group raised $700 toward the United Methodist Church’s campaign called Imagine No Malaria.  Currently, the biggest goal of the campaign is to distribute sleeping nets in Africa that prevent children from getting malaria. It is a practical way of being a part of today’s expression of the healing ministry of Jesus.

Many in the group wore T shirts for the occasion and carried fly-swatters so people on the trail would recognize the walkers who were part of the effort, giving additional publicity to the cause. The biggest fund-raisers were Susan Madry, Judy Holcomb and Robert Loomis. Any slackers on the walk itself were put to shame by Louise Holcomb’s brisk pace despite her walker.   JoAnne Jones probably set the fastest pace as she nearly walked the circuit twice, first accompanying Nancy out and back, then catching up again and finishing the course with Susan. Jan was the bravest as her direction was determined by those who pushed her chair, Hunter, Robert, and Ron.   One walker not shown in the picture is Pastor Jones.


Kid's Party - Summer Send-off at Copper Hill Church
Kid’s Party – Summer Send-off at Copper Hill Church

Summer Send-Off  Kids’ Party

Sun. Aug. 24

11 AM – 1:30 PM

Copper Hill United Methodist Church

27 Copper Hill Road, East Granby

Lunch included         no charge

Games,  Bible story drama, and crafts for children

Craft cross for children to make at Kid's Summer Send-off Party
Craft cross for children to make at Kid’s Summer Send-off Party

Bring a friend!

For more info:
Pastor Kelvin & JoAnne Jones

@ 860-653-2891




“True Love” is the title for August message series

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Christian teaching about love?  We take it for granted without thinking about it.  Our new August message series called “True Love” promises to be an interesting one filled with human interest as well as basic Christian teaching.    Your life will be richer for taking time to interact with this topic in God’s house.

True Love
Date Message title Scripture passage Hymns & choruses
Aug 10 Communion God’s Love Makes the First Move 1 John 1:1-4; 3:1-3 Love Divine UMH #384

O Love, How Deep UMH #267

What Wondrous Love is This UMH #292

How Deep the Father’s Love for Us

Aug 17 Loving God in Return 1 John 4:7-18 Jesus, Thine All Victorious Love UMH #422

You are My King

Aug 24 Loving Others Because of God’s Love 1 John 3:7-24 When Love is Found UMH #643

The Gospel In a Word is Love

Aug 31 Love in Action 1 John 2:1-6, 15-17 Where Charity and Love Prevail UMH #549

Where Cross the Crowded Ways  UMH #427

Show a Little Bit of Love and Kindness

Bishops’ letter on our response to the influx of immigrant children

Many have had differing responses to the immigration crisis on the southern border of the United States.   Sometimes the responses have not reflected an understanding of the teaching of Scripture.  Here is an excellent letter from the United Methodist bishops of the Texas area who are close to the problem urging the people of the UMC toward a positive and Christ-like response.


Summer picnic a big success

Another fun and  intergenerational  activity
Another fun and intergenerational activity

The weather was great; the food was better;  and the company was the best.   Sunday afternoon, July 13,at Sunrise Park,  children, young adults and grandparents from Copper Hill Church gathered for a fun-filled afternoon.   Swimming was the main activity for most of the children and a few older folks as well.    JoAnne intrigued the crowd by swimming the length of the lake and back.    Several sat and chatted, enjoying the  spacious, well-kept pavilion overlooking the lake.    It was a perfect for the occasion.   Thanks to Judy’s good planning, we had a scrumptious picnic supper at 5 pm with cake, cookies and watermelon for dessert too.     After the meal, Pastor Kelvin led in a short vesper service which included lots of active participation by the children.   JoAnne played accordion to provide the music.

The swimming beach is to the right, the picnic pavilion is to the left.
The swimming beach is to the right, the picnic pavilion is to the left.

Sermon series for July focuses on our church’s heritage and future

My wife and I feel privileged to have served at Copper Hill United Methodist for a year now.   Just as I began my ministry talking about what it means to be the church, so I felt it would be a good thing in this anniversary month to revisit that theme.   Long range planning and our 200th anniversary planning both need to stay grounded in a good understanding of the purposes of the church.   I’ve titled this new series, “Heritage and Hope.”    It begins with a review of history.   All during the month it encourages us to overcome obstacles and stay focused on the Great Commission.   It also challenges us to move ahead as God leads.     I pray that you will take time to come apart to God’s house to hear some of these messages and be encouraged in your faith.

We are using the side entrance while our ceiling is repaired.
We are using the side entrance while our ceiling is repaired.
Heritage and Hope
Date Message title Scripture passage Hymns & readings
July 6 The Heritage of God’s People Isaiah 54 My Country Tis of Thee #697

We’re Marching to Zion   #733

July 13 Facing Challenges Together Nehemiah 4, 5 God of Grace and God of Glory #577

Rise Up, O Men of God #576

July 20 Being the Church in our Community Matthew 28:19, 20 Go, Make of All Disciples #571

Lord, Speak to Me  #463

July 27 Moving Forward Together Haggai 1 Lead On O King Eternal #580

Lord, You Give the Great Commission # 584

Family relationships are the theme for May and June

Our relationships aren't always a picnic.  What do we do then?
Our relationships aren’t always a picnic. What do we do then?

All of us rejoice when our closest relationships are doing well.  And nothing bums us out as much as having tension between us and our best friends or closest family members.     Fortunately for us, the Bible is a great resource for practical how-to ideas that can help us interact with others in healthier ways and recover more quickly when conflicts become a problem.   Over the next two months, my new series called, “Perspectives for Healthy Relationships” will draw on Biblical wisdom to help us.    I kicked it off this last weekend on Mother’s Day with a message explaining how  men and women are equally valued by God.   Here is the outline for the series.

Perspectives for Healthy Relationships
Date Message title Bible Passage Hymns & readings
May 11 Mother’s Day The Value of a Woman Genesis 1:27-31: Acts 2:17,18 Faith of Our Mothers; Happy the Home When God is There UMH #445
May 18 Tips for a Happy and Lasting Relationship 1 Peter 2:11 – 3:12 Love Divine   UMH # 384
May 25 Memorial Sunday Jean Schlaper speaking America the Beautiful  UMH #696
June 1 Jean Schlaper speaking
June 8 Pentecost & Communion Walking in Step with God’s Spirit Gal. 5:13-26 Surely the Presence UMH #328 Spirit of Faith Come Down, UMH #332
June 15 Father’s Day A Father to Look Up to Joshua 24:8-24 O Lord, May Church and Home Combine UMH # 695
June 22 The Work of Loving 1 John 3:11-20 God, Whose Love is Reigning o’er Us  UMH #100

Easter happenings

Easter morning at Copper Hill United Methodist was filled with joy amid a friendly welcoming atmosphere.   Thanks to experienced cook Judy Holcomb and volunteers, we started with a gourmet breakfast.   Service at 9 was filled music, heartfelt and well prepared.   Pastor Kelvin surprised everyone by supplying the brass music.   The Holiday choir sang an upbeat, “We are Celebrating Resurrection Day.”     JoAnne Jones played harp for offertory and then the Men’s quartet sang, “Jesus Came Out Alive.”   Afterward it was Easter egg hunt time for the children while some of the adults enjoyed a second helping of the Easter breakfast for brunch.  Thanks to Nancy Collins, we have some pictures to remind us of the day’s events.

Exceptional Palm Sunday service


New Study Bibles awarded to those completing basic beliefs class and being confirmed
New Study Bibles awarded to those completing basic beliefs class and being confirmed

There was lots of joy and praise and excitement at Copper Hill United Methodist Church this Palm Sunday morning. Two sixth-graders, Hunter Prevost and Christopher Collins, had completed basic beliefs class with Pastor Kelvin Jones and were ready to be confirmed. Five additional new members were ready to reaffirm their faith and join the local church, Dottie Plunske, Ronald Prevost, Paul Mandirola and Ruth and Christian Robison.   

After the reading of the Palm Sunday story and the singing of traditional hymns for this special Sunday, Hunter and Christopher joined Pastor Kelvin in sharing a liturgy of the cross. Pastor Kelvin had written it as a complement to one of the projects of the basic beliefs class, the making of a wire cross.  Time spent making the cross had helped class members to have time to talk about the meaning of the cross.  

Each confirmand and new member had a sponsor from the congregation. When all the sponsors and new members were gathered at the front of the church, the front was filled.  Robert Loomis, lay leader, did not remember more than four people being received into membership at one time and today we were receiving seven.  It was a day of celebration.   As part of the liturgy, Pastor Kelvin took water and sprinkled it into a crystal bowl, reminding the new members and the congregation to “Remember your baptism.”   The sponsors and the congregation in turn promised to encourage and support the new members in their membership covenant. 

The celebration continued as the ladies’ and children’s choir, under the direction of JoAnne Jones, sang and signed an upbeat song for the Easter season, “My Redeemer Lives!”    The joy of Easter had certainly touched Copper Hill United Methodist on this Sunday morning. 




More messages planned in the Lenten/Easter series

Our Lenten/Easter series of messages, “Footsteps of Jesus”  has taken us back to the original life and times of Jesus to help us understand his character, his values, and his concerns.   Looking at incidents in the life of Jesus has inspired us to worship him and to follow in his footsteps of love and caring for others.    I think sometimes Easter emphases stop too soon and we don’t have a chance to talk about the incidents in Jesus’ life that happened after his resurrection during his appearances to his disciples.  So this year, we are planning to spend the two weeks after Easter looking at some of the post-resurrection appearances of Jesus.   Here is the outline for the remaining weeks.

April 13 Palm Sunday From “Hosanna” to “Crucify Him” Matt. 21:1-11 Matt. 27:15-26 Tell Me the Stories of Jesus UMH #277Old Rugged Cross UMH #504
April 17 Maundy Thursday “This is my body” Matt. 26:26-30  How Deep the Father’s Love for UsWhen I Survey UMH #298
April 20 Easter The Empty Tomb Matt. 28:1-10 In Christ AloneChrist the Lord is Risen Today UMH #302

The Day of Resurrection UMH # 303

April 27 Doubting Thomas John 20:19-31 Easter People Raise Your Voices UMH#304He Lives UMH #310
May 4 Communion The Emmaus Road Luke 24:13-35 Christ is Alive UMH #318Come, Sinners, to the Gospel Feast UMH #339