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No services on January 7 due to extreme cold

Because of the extreme cold and wind chill for parishioners traveling to church and and the difficulty in adequately heating our church on such a cold weekend, Copper Hill Church is canceling services scheduled for January 7, 2018. I encourage Bible reading and prayer at home. The Psalm for the day is Psalm 29 and the Gospel reading is Mark 1:4-11.

Christmas Celebration a Success

A Special Children Moment on December 24

Last year and this year on the Sunday before Christmas, we at Copper Hill Church have shared in a special version of The 12 Days of Christmas.   The children love leading the congregation and lifting their sign at the proper time provides animation.   The lyrics for this version were written last year by JoAnne DeSerio Jones, our music director.  They provide a unique Christmas affirmation of faith as well.  Below is the link so you can watch it.  (Picture quality suffered a little to get the file size small enough for the website.)

Our version of 12 Days of Christmas

 In addition, I thought you might like to see a few more pictures that were taken at our church during the Christmas season.   Thanks to Lisa Griffin, Bob Stewart and Nancy Collins for these.   (Hovering over the picture as is on the page and then again during the slide show will produce different descriptive lines.)

Christmas Decorations Up, Plans Made


Today, (Dec. 3) is the first Sunday of the traditional Advent season, the pre-Christmas season of preparation that begins the church year.  Several of the children helped us to decorate our church for Christmas last Sunday after church.   A couple of the men got out the big step-ladder and Griffin, an able athlete and the oldest of our group of children climbed up to do the honors of decorating the chandelier.   Others decorated the alter and the tree.   Afterwards, we enjoyed a fellowship meal together.  

Events planned

The joy of the decorating was a good introduction to the Christmas message series and the exciting month og events that are planned at Copper Hill. Here is an outline.

  • Dec. 3    9:30  AM   Pastor Kelvin Jones began a new series of messages called "Christmas Discoveries" with a message about the joy that Mary felt and shared as recorded in the famous passage called the Magnificat, Luke 1:46-55. 
  • Dec. 10  9:30 AM    Next week the message will be based in another well-known passage,  sometimes called the Benedictus,  or the Song of Zechariah found in Luke 1:68-79.   
  • Dec. 10   2-5 PM   Much to the joy of children, friends from the church family are invited to the parsonage to view the Christmas train display and run the trains.  
  • Dec. 17   9:30 AM  Children's Christmas service including the traditional "Hanging of the Greens" liturgy.   This year they will be adding a children's choir special as well. 
  • Dec. 17   2-5 PM   A Second Chance.  Much to the joy of children, friends from the church family are invited to the parsonage to view the Christmas train display and run the trains.

Christmas Eve - Morning and Evening

  • Dec. 24  9:30 AM   Christmas Choir singing as a part of the morning service.  
  • Dec. 24  5 PM    Christmas Eve service featuring harp solos and Jonathan Griffin singing "O Holy Night" with multimedia accompaniment.  

Excitement building as “A Place to Belong” Sunday approaches

Church is a place to feel at home

It's a great time to come back to worship!

Attendance at our church last Sunday was up indicating a new level of interest as we head into a very special Sunday.   Volunteer groundskeepers have been busy too.  There is anticipation in the air. 

Copper Hill Church is cooperating with the National Back to Church Sunday movement to encourage friends, neighbors and loved ones to come back to worship on September 17 at 9:30 AM.  Pastor Kelvin Jones says, “The theme for Sept. 17, “A Place to Belong” really resonates with us.  We believe God wants each person to feel a part of his family and we aspire to be a hospitable church every week.  As a country church, our atmosphere is proving especially comfortable for families with young children.”

The service this Sunday will be oriented to help those who don’t know what goes on in a church feel clued in. We are hoping to meet brand new friends and to welcome back some old ones.   At our booth at Suffield on the Green, the outreach team distributed nearly 500 invitation cards for “A Place to Belong” Sunday and conversed with many people about it. 

Our multi-generational choir has been practicing and is ready for their anthem.  We will also hear from our harpist, JoAnne Jones.  After the service, we are planning to serve refreshments outside on our front walk. 

Our New Carpet

Vision for new carpet realized!

At Copper Hill Church, we are rejoicing  because the new carpet has been installed.   Robert Loomis had reported that the old carpet dated to the 1980s. We are thankful that it lasted so well, but it was time to replace it.  

      Our United Methodist Women’s group had been saving money for new carpet for some time.   But the project suffered many delays. As a church, we waited patiently as new sanctuary doors were installed to block out the weather, for a flooding utility pipe to be fixed, and for the soffit leak (which discolored the wall) to be repaired, and the area painted. A couple more projects leapfrogged over the carpet project due to their pressing safety concerns— the new railing for the sanctuary balcony and new lighting for the fellowship hall. 

     At last, the way was clear. Pastor Kelvin announced that the leadership hoped to raise additional funds.  Several ladies working together did the legwork to investigate sources, prices, patterns and types of carpet. They brought some samples to a service for suggestions and made recommendations to the Church Council, who chose the final carpet. The willingness of the congregation to help was evident in the additional $2000 in funds that were quickly raised. It is a joyful occasion when we complete a project together!

     Judy Holcomb, chair of the effort, reports that the new carpet has special backing to help deal with the uneven colonial-era plank floor of our historic sanctuary. This will help to make it more durable.  The padding also makes it very soft to walk on.  The new carpet has many rich tones as you can see and we notice nuances of color depending on the lighting.  We invite you to come and see  it for yourself this Sunday!   


We’re changing carpet!

The process is underway

Our church has been working and raising funds for new carpeting in our sanctuary.   This week, the installers are busy making it happen.   As of today, the old carpet which dates from the 80's has been removed.    Things look a little empty without it.   Notice the old plank flooring in the sanctuary.  We are preserving this look by not carpeting where the pews are except for the back corners.     The new carpet has a padding to handle the unevenness of the planks in the aisles.    Notice that the vestibule already had a plywood layer.    

Thank you to all who helped us move furniture to prepare for this after service last Sunday.   The installation of the new carpet is to be finished before this Sunday.   However, we do not expect to have our keyboard and sound system fully operational until the following week.   JoAnne will play piano this Sunday.    Watch this spot for our finished project announcement very soon.  

“A Place to Belong” Day

September 17 9:30 AM

Copper Hill Church is planning a special Sunday in cooperation with the National Back to Church Movement.   On September 17, the theme for the morning for the 9:30 AM service is “A Place to Belong.”   All of us want to be a part of an authentic community.  Here at Copper Hill Church, we believe that each person’s story matters, and that each one can find a place to fit in and make a difference right here in their own local church.  

This emphasis comes at a great time.  Everyone has so many places to go during summer and it is easy to get in the habit of missing out on honoring Jesus, spending time in prayer and receiving encouragement from others.  Now is a great time to get back to church and the genuine warmth of its community.   In our country these days, with its ruder and cruder attitudes, the lack of gentleness and kindness in public discourse impels us all back to the source of our values—our faith.  Now is a great time to look to Jesus for a more loving and joyful perspective.

Plans for this day include several unique features: excellent music—choir and harp, children’s moment and Sunday School time for the children, and a message by Pastor Kelvin Jones on the theme, “A Place to Belong.”    Afterwards, everyone is invited to enjoy a unique fellowship and refreshment time outdoors in front of our church.    

“Back to Church” Sunday is part of a national movement across America.  Participating churches believe that there has never been a better time than now for people to come back and get plugged in to a church that offers a place to belong, opportunities to serve the community around, and the chance to grow spiritually through a journey of personal faith.  “Back to Church Sunday” began in 2009 and has been gaining momentum ever since.  Over 30,000 churches have been involved nationwide.


What you never know you miss by skipping Sunday morning

Here is a very thoughtful and insightful piece written by a young Mom.   It is definitely worth reading!

What You Never Know You Miss By Skipping Sunday Morning

Flower Arranging event was a big success

Our flower arranging class was sold out days before it happened.  Young and old had a great time.  Thanks to Sarah Oliver and Sheri Mandirola of Oxen hill Farm Flowers who lead the class and to JoAnne Jones who organized it and Judy Holcomb who organized refreshments.  



Lenten Bible Studies series to start


Bible Study Series on 1 John Announced

Pastor Kelvin will be leading Bible studies during the Lenten/Easter season on the Letters of the Apostle John.   This is a great series to announce during our February Valentine’s sermon series as the book of 1 John is noted for its emphasis on practical love.   Studying 1 John is sure to deepen your faith and inspire you.  
Topics covered by John in his letter include:  how we know the truth; the importance of confessing our sins; the impossibility of loving God while hating some people;  the definition of love;  the practice of love; the definition of sin; and what happens to us when Jesus returns.   

Offered at two times

You can take part in the study either at 7 PM on Monday evenings at Copper Hill Fellowship Hall, or at 1 PM on Tuesdays at Higley Village Clubhouse in East Granby beginning February 27 and 28.   Studies are conducted in such a way that those who have no prior experience in Bible study can be comfortable and enjoy the study too.