Copper Hill Church, P. O. Box 422, East Granby, CT 06026

Our New Carpet

Vision for new carpet realized!

At Copper Hill Church, we are rejoicing  because the new carpet has been installed.   Robert Loomis had reported that the old carpet dated to the 1980s. We are thankful that it lasted so well, but it was time to replace it.  

      Our United Methodist Women’s group had been saving money for new carpet for some time.   But the project suffered many delays. As a church, we waited patiently as new sanctuary doors were installed to block out the weather, for a flooding utility pipe to be fixed, and for the soffit leak (which discolored the wall) to be repaired, and the area painted. A couple more projects leapfrogged over the carpet project due to their pressing safety concerns— the new railing for the sanctuary balcony and new lighting for the fellowship hall. 

     At last, the way was clear. Pastor Kelvin announced that the leadership hoped to raise additional funds.  Several ladies working together did the legwork to investigate sources, prices, patterns and types of carpet. They brought some samples to a service for suggestions and made recommendations to the Church Council, who chose the final carpet. The willingness of the congregation to help was evident in the additional $2000 in funds that were quickly raised. It is a joyful occasion when we complete a project together!

     Judy Holcomb, chair of the effort, reports that the new carpet has special backing to help deal with the uneven colonial-era plank floor of our historic sanctuary. This will help to make it more durable.  The padding also makes it very soft to walk on.  The new carpet has many rich tones as you can see and we notice nuances of color depending on the lighting.  We invite you to come and see  it for yourself this Sunday!