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What you never know you miss by skipping Sunday morning

Here is a very thoughtful and insightful piece written by a young Mom.   It is definitely worth reading! What You Never Know You Miss By Skipping Sunday Morning

Women from Methodist history who made a difference

In this election year, and also our church’s 200th anniversary year, it is good to look back in Methodist history concerning suffrage.  This article under this link gives John Wesley’s famous advice to voters and then highlights 6… Read More

We’re Praying for Another Divine Visitation

  Sometimes we are discouraged by the church’s decline Sometimes we look around and are discouraged that the work of God seems to be in decline.   And it is not our imagination either.  One key indicator, though not… Read More

Two Boats, One Gospel, an outstanding testimony!

This is an awesome post for Black History Month by a new professor at Northeastern Seminary.   It is sobering and inspiring all at once. Two Boats, One Gospel: Black History Month and the Church’s Witness

Harvest Party 2015 was a Joy

  All kinds of costumes adorned those coming to the Children’s Harvest Party this past Sunday afternoon at Copper Hill UMC.  There were bunnies, a cat, a mermaid, a witch, two mighty men at least, a chemist, a… Read More

Pot Luck Dinners are a Happy Part of Church Culture

A friend whom I have known for many years, Evelyn Bence has written a thoughtful article about an institution that we take for granted in the church, the pot luck dinner or supper.   I highly recommend her… Read More

Reminder of new service time comes with new overhead video

Note to all — starting this coming Sunday, March 8, our Sunday service time changes to the new time — 9:30 AM.    Just in time to celebrate this announcement, Christian Robison has taken some additional sky video… Read More

Advantages of smaller churches

In our world today, we often think right away that bigger is better.  But when it comes to churches, there are many people who prefer smaller churches and there are many good reasons for it.    I saw another… Read More

October Series

Last week we enjoyed a great report short term missions from Dakota Doney,  his friend Heather and their team leader, Sue, from Second Baptist church in Suffield.    We could sense their excitement at being able to serve others… Read More