Copper Hill Church, P. O. Box 422, East Granby, CT 06026

Did you notice the subtitle in the bulletin today?

Serving East Granby, Granby, and Suffield the bulletin announced.  This reflected a discussion at our council meeting this last Tuesday.   We decided that it was important for planning, publicity and ministry that our church be able to succinctly state its geographical focus.   It helps people relate to us and us relate to communities as well.

Already in this past meeting we put it into action by deciding to divide up the benefits from the clothing donations we are receiving between 3 charities that help the poor in those 3 communities.


New blog-based web-site created

I was introducing myself to someone the other day as the pastor at Copper Hill United Methodist Church.   When I had described where the church was, they exclaimed, “Oh is that church open?”   I assured them that it definitely was but took note that we apparently have work to do to help people get the message.    

One way to do that work today is online.  We were all very thankful to Bob Loomis for getting what I understand was Copper Hill UMC’s first self-originated website up and running shortly before I arrived.    Today, people visit churches on the web before they visit in person.   It’s the easiest way to find out when the services are and other key facts.   Thank you  Bob.

Since I am a Word Press blogger, and with Bob’s blessing, I have changed the format over to a Word Press blog.   Blogging is a great vehicle for keeping the journal of church events.   It can showcase pictures and announce coming events too.  The new blog also has a link to my personal blog called “From the Pastor’s Desk.”  I do much of my own blogging there including posting notes about upcoming sermon series.   I also put up copies of sermons already preached so those who miss them can read them if they want.

Our new site will be very important in the months to come as we begin to plan for the 200th anniversary of our church as well.  This will be a great place to post historical anecdotes, photos etc.  as well as chronicle the celebration.