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Copper Hill Church Plants Time Capsule

  Our Celebration’s Climactic Moment After service on Oct. 23, 2016, Cooper Hill Church 200th Anniversary Celebration culminated in the planting of a time capsule beside the bell. We decided “plant” would be a good verb for the… Read More

Our Founders Identified

Other history articles have talked about the circumstances surrounding the founding of Copper Hill United Methodist Church. In this article we want to ask the question, “Who were the people involved?” The founding pastor In the Methodist church,… Read More

Medallion Celebrates Our 200th Anniversary

          What will be our anniversary memento? When there is a significant anniversary, we search for an appropriate memento.    Copper Hill Church has had a medallion made in honor of the 200th Anniversary of its… Read More

Historical photo located

Picture discovered Bob Stewart has recently discovered and received rights to an historic photo of our church. It was in the care of the “Keeping Society” of Guilford, CT.  The photo was taken by a photographer named C…. Read More

200th Anniversary Celebration Underway

  Copper Hill Church founded in 1816 Our church has been planning and looking forward to this year for some time.  Two hundred years ago in 1816, six lay persons, Aristarchus Griffin, Seth Griffin and Calvin Gillet and… Read More

We’re Praying for Another Divine Visitation

  Sometimes we are discouraged by the church’s decline Sometimes we look around and are discouraged that the work of God seems to be in decline.   And it is not our imagination either.  One key indicator, though not… Read More

Reminder of new service time comes with new overhead video

Note to all — starting this coming Sunday, March 8, our Sunday service time changes to the new time — 9:30 AM.    Just in time to celebrate this announcement, Christian Robison has taken some additional sky video… Read More

Sermon series for July focuses on our church’s heritage and future

My wife and I feel privileged to have served at Copper Hill United Methodist for a year now.   Just as I began my ministry talking about what it means to be the church, so I felt it would… Read More

Stoves in the back corners kept it warm

I was talking to Shirley Young today about the history of our church.   She was remembering her wedding there years ago–she didn’t tell me how many.  In those days, she told me, the square pew areas in the… Read More