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Copper Hill Church raises funds to combat malaria

Twenty-one walkers took advantage of the opportunity to participate in a great cause and get some exercise on a great day at the same time.   On Sunday, April 12, at 2 PM  the group started north on the… Read More

The Way of Love is Practical

After service this past Sunday, I was discussing with one parishioner my desire that sermons be relevant to today.    God intended that his Way of Love, which is the title of our January message series, would be very… Read More

Encouraging word from our bishop on supporting UMCOR

I received a message from Bishop McLee with a link to a video.  It contains a word of encouragement from the bishop and info about how UMCOR is supported.   I found it definitely worth watching.

A devotional to encourage us to help others in need

UMCOR has provided a 40 day devotional online to coincide with the Lenten offering for disaster relief through UMCOR.  I recommend it.  It is a great follow-up to our February series of messages on using our resources in… Read More

February message series to give practical life coaching

Most of the time we just go from week to week somehow just getting from hectic Monday to Friday, crashing for the weekend, and starting all over on Monday.  We don’t take time to think about bigger questions.  What… Read More

Council approved donations to fuel banks

Council approves donations to fuel banks The monthly meeting of the Church Council was held in Copper Hill’s Fellowship Hall on the evening of January 7. There were ten in attendance, including Pastor Kelvin and JoAnne. One of… Read More

Four causes chosen for quarterly missions giving

Practicing Generosity Here at Copper Hill United Methodist Church, we believe that the need to demonstrate the virtue of generosity applies to the church as well as individuals.  One of the ways we put this belief into practice… Read More

Food pantries helped by your clothing donations

  Clothing donations help you and those in need. Don’t know what to do with clothes still in good shape that you no longer need?  That’s where Copper Hill United Methodist Church can help you. And in the… Read More