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Palm Sunday Celebration Was Joyful

Five new members joining our church was the high point in our Palm Sunday service.   Brandon Collins, a sixth grader was confirmed and joined with his grandparents Chris and Nancy Collins standing with him.  Four adults also took… Read More

Palm Sunday at Copper Hill Church

This coming Sunday, March 29, is Palm Sunday, the time in the church year when we remember the triumphal entry of Jesus into Jerusalem at the beginning of his last week. The Sunday gets its name from the… Read More

Lenten/Easter Series to Explore the Names of Jesus

  Many of us have several names that are used for us in different circles.   My father had a nickname that was totally unrelated to his real name but only his boyhood acquaintances called him by that appellation…. Read More

More messages planned in the Lenten/Easter series

Our Lenten/Easter series of messages, “Footsteps of Jesus”  has taken us back to the original life and times of Jesus to help us understand his character, his values, and his concerns.   Looking at incidents in the life of… Read More

During Lenten Messages We Will Follow the Footsteps of Jesus

Lent helps us fix our thoughts on Jesus As the calendar moves toward Easter each year, our minds automatically focus again on Jesus.  We cannot help but think more about his life, his last days, his untimely death… Read More

About Ash Wednesday

Some of you have been asking me for more info about Ash Wednesday.  As I was researching, I ran across this web articled by former pastor, Mark D. Roberts.  It is excellent  and worth passing on. I… Read More