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How do we minister to new attenders?

Here is a thoughtful article that forces us to be real about how we think as a church family.   It forces us to examine our motivation for outreach.   It guides us toward seeking to genuinely minister to the needs of… Read More

Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Ministry Encourages

              Nursing and Rehabilitation Center Ministry Encourages During my ministerial training, I interned as a chaplain at a nursing home. I was shocked to learn that many longtime residents of the home… Read More

Council approved donations to fuel banks

Council approves donations to fuel banks The monthly meeting of the Church Council was held in Copper Hill’s Fellowship Hall on the evening of January 7. There were ten in attendance, including Pastor Kelvin and JoAnne. One of… Read More

Did you notice the subtitle in the bulletin today?

Serving East Granby, Granby, and Suffield the bulletin announced.  This reflected a discussion at our council meeting this last Tuesday.   We decided that it was important for planning, publicity and ministry that our church be able to succinctly state its geographical… Read More