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Tomorrow’s message

Relationships cause us all lots of headaches.  What advice does the Bible give us to help us through relationship difficulties?   That’s the topic tomorrow for the last in our series, “How to Overcome.”   It will be based on… Read More

Are you fighting a bad habit?

I think all of us know the frustration of fighting against a bad habit that we just can’t seem to break.   We do well for a while and then get frustrated and discouraged when we let the habit… Read More

This week’s message

Are you struggling with discouragement and depression?   Are you wondering if the Bible has anything to say to help?  You are not alone.   Overcoming such emotional struggles is tough.  But there is hope.   This week in the second message in… Read More

How to Overcome

There is a great true story on the news right now that is a perfect illustration of the kick-off message in our new sermon series for October at Copper Hill UMC. The series is called “How to… Read More