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Coffee Hour this week; Valentines series continues

    One of the quiet joys each month at Copper Hill church is coffee hour, that time usually on the second Sunday of the month when we bring in light refreshments and stay after service to chat… Read More

Lenten/Easter message series focuses on Jesus’ life

Close-up camera shots of things or people are very revealing.  They help us immensely to spot details that we might otherwise miss.  I have chosen this analogy because our goal in the Lenten Easter series of messages is… Read More

Characteristics of love are the topic for February

Love is a very popular subject all over the world.   Unfortunately in America,  the sexual aspect of human relationships dominates the conversation in a way that it should not.   The result is the statistically shown decreasing… Read More

January Message Series Looks at the Early Days of Jesus’ Ministry

Followers of Jesus constantly need to go back to the stories of his ministry to refresh our minds about what was important to him.   Otherwise, our ideas can be formed more by our culture than by Jesus…. Read More

Advent/Christmas Plans Made

  Each year, we look forward to the Advent/Christmas season.  Technically, Advent covers  the four Sundays prior to Christmas  while the liturgical Christmas season goes from Dec. 25 until Jan. 6 which is Epiphany (12 days of Christmas)…. Read More

Our Hearts Turn to Thanksgiving

At Copper Hill UMC the Thanksgiving season has begun.  It is one of my favorite times of the year. The emphasis in  mid November will be on giving thanks for our spiritual blessings as well as for our… Read More

Next message series focuses on a well known passage

  Even today, the Ten Commandments that God gave to Israel occasionally make the news.   Just last week the governor of Arkansas signed a bill requiring a monument to the Ten Commandments in his state.   Why are… Read More

Lenten/Easter Series to Explore the Names of Jesus

  Many of us have several names that are used for us in different circles.   My father had a nickname that was totally unrelated to his real name but only his boyhood acquaintances called him by that appellation…. Read More

Finding Spiritual Certainty to be February Message Theme

Do you feel uncertain about your faith?  Do you wonder if you can really be a disciple of Jesus?    Doubts are a common part of our human journey.  But God desires that we feel spiritually assured of his… Read More

The Way of Love is Practical

After service this past Sunday, I was discussing with one parishioner my desire that sermons be relevant to today.    God intended that his Way of Love, which is the title of our January message series, would be very… Read More